Viability Week

We have now reached an important milestone in this pregnancy; 24 weeks which is considered viability week. Of course, I would never want my baby born so early, but it’s reassuring to know we’ve reached the point that should anything happen, our baby girl would now have a fighting chance at surviving outside my womb.

As this pregnancy progresses I am struck by how different it is from my first pregnancy. My second trimester with my son included lots of backaches, strong cravings for sugar, and a horrible kidney stone episode that landed me overnight in my L&D. With this little girl, I have nearly no muscle pains (although the ligament pains are similar), I have very little desire for sweets, and thankfully there have been no kidney stones this time around (knock on wood). Of course I learned my lesson with my son’s pregnancy and have been extremely good about drinking lots of water to stave off the kidney stones which I’m prone to and have been religious about working out (once I got out of the exhausting first trimester) to help with back pain. The only big issue I’ve had in this trimester with baby girl is ongoing insomnia. But even that is manageable as I can usually get in a quick nap if I failed to get any sleep the night before.

This pregnancy also seems a bit easier because I know what to expect. The unknown with the first pregnancy was so nerve-wracking. I spent so much time reading and googling and questioning friends and family about every little thing, but this time around I use that time to read for pleasure or work on small projects around the house, or, let’s be honest, entertain my toddler son.

My favorite aspect so far though, has been sharing this experience with my son. He loves to yell at his baby sister through my tummy and asks me every few days if my baby is coming out yet. He also loves looking at the album I made for my pregnancy with him and pointing out all the pictures of my big belly and exclaiming “That’s me in there?” He also enjoys sharing his toys with his sister, which usually means he’s rolling a car or pressing a toy against my belly button. It is so fun to see the pregnancy through my toddler’s eyes. It truly does seem more magical.

Sharing Cars                                       Talking to his sister


And since this blog serves not just to share my experiences with friends and family, but also as a digital baby book for my children here are some observations I want to remember thus far in my pregnancy:

  • Baby girl is a mover! She twists and turns and throws punches or kicks all night long (which may be contributing to the insomnia)
  • Cravings: Mostly fresh vegetables and fruits. Tomatoes (which I never liked much pre-pregnancy) and cucumbers have become a staple breakfast dish. Anything spicy.
  • Aversions: Chicken, pork, red meat. I can eat them if someone else prepared them, but I don’t like cooking them myself. This pregnancy we’ve lived off of fish and vegetarian dishes mainly. I’m not complaining, it’s been a healthy several months around here.
  • Issues: Picking a name has been much harder this time around. There are far too many girl names and narrowing it down and selecting one is proving difficult. I think we may have settled on one, but I’m not convinced yet. With my son I just knew it was right, and I’m waiting to feel a similar emotion with this one. Shopping is my other vice now. We don’t need much since we have most the baby gear needed, but I can’t go by a secondhand store or rummage sale without buying some adorable girl outfit I see. She’s going to have outfits for the first year of her life by the time she makes her appearance at this rate.
  • Second trimester: Pros: Lots of energy, lots of nesting, no more morning sickness               Cons: Lots of ligament pains and pelvic discomfort (she’s already head down and very low), insomnia

So far this pregnancy seems to be zipping by. And although I’m excited to meet our little girl, I will miss some of these beautiful pregnancy moments.

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