A Unique Baby Shower

baby shower

So having a baby shower for your second baby is always a little different since you already have most of the baby gear you’ll need from baby number one. Since we are having a girl this time around I knew I could always have a “sprinkle”, a small shower intended to provide clothing for the baby. Or there is the always useful “diaper shower” in which everyone brings a pack of diapers and/or wipes so you’re stocked up for awhile after baby arrives. But we cloth diaper so we are already set on that end.

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After thinking about it I realized all I really wanted to do was hang out with friends and celebrate the upcoming birth of my little girl. We didn’t need baby gear, or diapers, or clothes (because as I previously wrote I am sort of obsessively buying outfits for her already) so I decided to have it at a pottery painting venue and have everyone paint a small personalized item for her. And because I seem to be nesting a LOT with this pregnancy, but have very little that actually needs to be done it was nice to have something to put some effort into. I had way too much fun making the shower favors, lol.

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It turned out to be exactly what I needed. At 32 weeks pregnant I’m starting to get tired easily and enjoyed having a morning of visiting with my girl friends, leisurely painting, and enjoying a few hours of toddler-free time. And my baby girl will have a collection of beautiful thoughtful unique gifts. Oh, and I got to pig out on yummy snacks and a most delicious raspberry lemonade cake (thank you SO much, Hilary) so this was one very happy and satisfied pregnant lady.

baby shower cake

It was also an amazing shower because my mom flew in from California to surprise me and be here for it. She wasn’t able to attend my first baby shower in Florida so it was so special to have her here for my second and last shower.

Me and momSmile

Cuddling my friend’s newborn baby girl today has made me all the more excited to meet my own little girl. I’m enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy more so than with my first because I’m not nervous of the unknown like I was with my son. I don’t feel nearly as stressed as I did at this point last time and other than the regular last trimester aches and pains things are going surprisingly well and easy. This pregnancy has seemed to fly by much quicker and I can hardly believe I’m so close to the end.
Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who came out to celebrate with me today and to all those who couldn’t be here and sent me beautiful gifts and well wishes. I can’t wait for everyone to meet our little Thea!

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