The Time Has Come (I Think)

(This was written on August 17, 2017 during active labor)

To say I’ve been impatient for my little girl’s arrival is a severe understatement. I have actually found myself getting depressed the longer this pregnancy lasts. My son came early at 38 weeks so I never had to go completely full term and experience all the discomfort and pain that goes along with that.

I also didn’t have a “normal” onset of labor with my son. My water broke before I ever had any contractions and my 32 hour labor didn’t get painful until the last few hours.

So here I am, at 39.5 weeks pregnant and I think I am in labor. At least I am really hoping all these painful contractions are signaling the beginning of labor, otherwise it’s some awful false labor pains. Yesterday morning I awoke feeling, frustratingly fine. No contractions, no aches; just normal exhaustion. And because I am going insane in these last days of pregnancy I threw myself into a canning project to keep my mind and body busy.

After several hours of preserving blueberries and making pepper jelly I had my 39 week appointment where the doctor checked me and proclaimed I had not progressed (dilation or effacement) since the previous week much to my disappointment. I came home and took a nap, convinced my baby girl is going to come late just to spite me.

After awaking from my nap I realized I was a bit crampy, but figured that was a result of the cervical check that afternoon. Later in the evening, though after my shower I began having real contractions (or at least I think they are). Painful, somewhat frequent, and they didn’t go away by changing positions or drinking more water.

I managed to sleep about 5 hours but when I awoke the contractions were back. And now after being awake for a few hours they continue to strike every 7 – 12 minutes and nice and painful too. So although I know this might still be a case of false labor, I’m thinking it’s the real deal. And hopefully it goes a bit faster than my son’s 32 hour one.

before labor

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