Third Trimester

Third trimester is here!

I’m just a couple days away from week 28 of this pregnancy, so I think I can consider myself in the third trimester! We’re in the homestretch now. And as excited as I am to meet my little girl, I must admit I am also already beginning to romanticize this pregnancy and anticipate the sadness I’ll feel at no longer being pregnant. I know my first trimester was hell, but the second was so nice I’ve actually been able to enjoy the experience.

Things are progressing quickly now. I took my glucose tolerance test last week and have yet to hear anything from my doctor, so that means I must have passed. Yay! With the last pregnancy I failed the test by TWO points and had to do the 3 hour test which was no fun at all. I was also happy that this time around they had the fruit punch flavor, which was far more palatable than the orange I took with my first pregnancy. This drink was both dye-free and BVO-free also, which is a step in the right direction in my opinion.

third trimester glucose test

I’m at the stage of pregnancy now where I go every two weeks to the doctor for checkups which also makes the time seem to go by faster somehow. It’s almost time to start thinking about touring the hospital, packing a hospital bag, and washing all the baby clothes.

Speaking of baby clothes… I can’t stop buying things for little miss. I was not that way at all with my son, but I suppose I didn’t have to be because I was gifted so many wonderful hand-me-downs from friends. I mean I was given everything from newborn to 4T with him so I guess I never felt the urge to purchase much. And let’s be honest, there are just so many adorable girl outfits. I hit up the local thrift stores and rummage sales and walk away with a bag or two of adorable clothes for dollars. I’ve got clothing from newborn – 18 months so far, and have spent about $100 total. But as I sorted through them the other day, I realized it’s about time to stop shopping. I’d hate to have too many outfits on hand and end up not using them all. It’s also become a game for me because I’m not a huge fan of the color pink so I’ve been determined to seek out outfits with little or no pink in them, which is pretty hard with baby girl clothes, lol.

More girl clothing Baby swimsuit Baby clothes

As we get closer and closer to adding this fourth member to our family, my son gets more and more independent. I’ve been relieved at how well he seems to be handling the thought of a sister. I know the reality will be a whole other story, but right now he loves to kiss and sing to his sister every day and is constantly grabbing things at the stores he wants us to buy for her. It’s so heartwarming. And my little boy who used to cry if I left his side not more than six months ago is all geared up and excited to start summer school. He tells me he can’t wait to go to school “all by myself”. I can’t believe how big he is getting, but as much as it tugs at my heart to see my baby growing, it also reassures me that the spacing of our children is just right for us. A year ago he would have been devastated I think to have to share mommy with another, but now he yearns for more freedom and revels in doing things all by himself. I think he’s going to end up being a fantastic help with this baby and I can’t wait to see the two of them together.


So less than three months on the countdown. Here’s hoping this last trimester is as smooth and enjoyable as the second was.

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