It’s A Girl

It's a girl

Although I had been predicting a girl throughout this entire pregnancy, it was exciting to have it confirmed by ultrasound last week. Now I can start calling our baby “her” and telling my son about his sister. It was also nice to see a healthy and active baby bouncing around on the screen. She was so active in fact, we failed to get any good profile or head images from her. I was just happy the technician managed to get all the vital organ and structural readings she needed, although it took her awhile as she chased our little girl around my womb.

This pregnancy has definitely been different so far. The first trimester I was much more sick than with my son and for the first time I understood when people refer to pregnant women as hormonal. With my son I didn’t have any mood swings or depression, but with this one I have. I cry easier, I get upset over little things, and I have had a lot more anxiety. But it’s far better now in the second trimester. With my energy levels back up and no more morning sickness to keep me down, I’m feeling a thousand times better than I was six weeks ago.

My son was a very active baby, but this little one appears to be giving him a run for his money. She wiggles and kicks a lot and I began feeling her move in my 15th week. Now at nearly 19 weeks the movements are getting stronger and much more frequent. My son has enjoyed feeling my belly and laughing when she kicks his hand.

I’m also experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions already. These started around the 17th week. With my son I believe they began somewhere around the 20-22 week. We’ll see if I get them as frequently as I did when I was pregnant with my son.

This pregnancy seems to be flying by, whereas I felt like I was pregnant forever with my son. Part of this is the fact that working from home and caring for a toddler tend to make the days go by very quickly, but part of it also comes down to the bittersweet fact that this is my last pregnancy and I want to savor each moment of it, so it tends to feel like it’s flying by quickly. I’m trying to appreciate it all, even the days I feel miserable, because I know in the blink of an eye the baby I’m carrying will suddenly be a toddler and then in school and then a teen, etc. etc. Time does seem to go much faster now that I have children and I struggle with wanting to soak in every amazing moment and wanting to have a bit more “me” time.  I suppose that isn’t likely to go away until the kids are grown and moved out on their own.

As I approach the halfway mark of this pregnancy I am excited to start preparing for our little girl’s arrival. I was pretty set on having two boys, but now that I know I’m having a girl I am thrilled. It’s going to be a new and thrilling road for our family.

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